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What We Offer

Hope Circuits – the book series that animates HCI's programming – was created in conversation through focus groups and summits. It is our goal to continue having conversations about this moment of paradigm shift and share the practical tools and theoretical frameworks we need to metabolize the discomfort of seismic change in the higher education sector and the world more broadly.

During Hope Summits, luminaries (our participants) are asked to sit in learner positions, to join the conversations, and to start new ones: because, at the heart of Hope Circuits, learning is a power that stretches the limits of our known knowledge and endeavours to peek over the edge into the unknown with wonder, curiosity, and purpose. 

Our Hope Summit programming is customizable and follows a "one-size-fits-one" model. However, we have created the following menu of programming options to help you get started:

• In-person talk (1 hr)

• Online talk (1 hr)

• Talk, Book Signing, and Reception (2-3 hours)

• Half Day Workshop (2-5 hrs)

• Full Day Workshop (6-7 hrs)

• Full Day Workshop (6-7 hrs) + Lunch

• Full Day Workshop (6-7 hrs) + Lunch + Reception

• Two-day Hope Summit

While each organization's Hope Summit looks different, we endeavour to spend time conversing as a whole group, in addition to dividing the luminaries in smaller working groups based on relevant topics. For universities, common topics include: 

1. Learning and teaching
2. Curriculum and co-curricular design
3. Leadership and mentorship
4. Governance 
5. Research
6. Funding models and finances
7. Civic action and social change to strengthen democracy
8. The social compact universities have with the broader society
9. Negotiations and Collective Bargaining 
10. Strategic Visioning


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