To imagine a 21st model of higher education that graduates citizens and leaders who are dedicated to the values of a just, civil society, and are thereby equipped to navigate a complex global landscape.


Building upon Bishop’s University’s commitment to delivering an exemplary undergraduate education, the mission of the Jarislowsky Chairship is to build capacities in teaching excellence, design curiosity-driven approaches to learning, and implement programs that inspire ethical, critical, and creative thinking at across the Maple League, as well as nationally and internationally.

1. Collaboration as a fundamental process in building capacities

2. Outstanding teaching and its relationship to outstanding student experiences

3. Community engagement and global citizenship as modes of developing civic engagement


The mandate for the Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair of Undergraduate Teaching Excellence is to design capacity-building programs for faculty and students, support innovative teaching, create strong mentorship networks, and facilitate inter-institutional collaborations across Canada and around the world. By taking a thoughtful, scholarly approach to multi-faceted issues, and by fostering reciprocal relationships and engaging across institutional boundaries, the Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair of Undergraduate Teaching Excellence enhances engagement around teaching and learning embedded in local communities while addressing challenges on a national and international scale.

The five-year vision is organized around the following pillars:

Innovating Teaching and Learning
Creating Mentorship Opportunities
Producing Research on Learning and Teaching Developing National and International Networks Building Professional Development Programs Supporting Inter-Institutional Collaborations

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Dr. Jessica Riddell

Jarislowsky Chair and Executive Director of the Maple League of Universities