Dr. Jessica Riddell assumed the role as the Executive Director of the Maple League of Universities on July 1, 2018.

The Executive Director is responsible for steering the various initiatives amongst Maple League schools related to teaching, research, educational leadership, and student recruitment with a particular focus on enhancing the academic reputation of the four universities.

Dr. Riddell works closely with the four university presidents to set Maple League strategy and objectives, and facilitates a number of committees and working groups to implement the Maple League Five-Year Strategic Plan.

She oversees the process of major communications, identifies external funding opportunities, allocates budgets to operating committees, supports logistics and planning for Maple League events, supports research collaborations amongst faculty and administrative leaders, and leads the Maple League Teaching and Learning Centre to support excellence in undergraduate teaching across the four universities.

When appropriate, Dr. Riddell engages in public-facing activities and projects (e.g. OpEds, public scholarship, keynote speaking events, etc.) in order to advocate for more equitable funding for primarily undergraduate universities.


Heather Carroll

As Director of the Virtual Maple League Teaching and Learning Centre, Heather draws on research-based strategies in teaching and learning as well as community requests and feedback to facilitate meaningful and timely learning opportunities for faculty, staff, and students. Heather works closely with the Maple League Student Fellows on a variety of projects, compiles the V_MLTLC annual report, and organizes and facilitates V_MLTLC programming to engage internal and external stakeholders. Highlights of this programming includes the Better Together: Faculty and Student Office Hours, the Maple League Hosts Speaker Series, the MLTLC Book Club: So you want to talk about race and the 3M Fellowship Mentorship Networks.





As the Maple League Post-Graduate Fellow, Lauren works closely with the Executive Director and is called upon to support the running of the consortium, assist in advancing Maple League academic activities, promote and maintain member-institution cooperation, and monitor the Maple League 5-year strategic plan. 

Lauren continues to support all Maple League communications by ensuring that all communications plans are aligned with the Maple League focus statement and key messaging in order to scaffold communications and monitor strategy. Lauren also played a large role in coordinating Maple League educational activities for the Winter 2021 Maple League Shared Courses. Lauren also consulted with Mark Cuduc, Director of Information Technology Services at Bishop’s University to discuss a redesign of the current Maple League website.

As the Maple League Research Fellow and Strategist, Tiffany has been studying high impact educational practices (HIPs) through faculty and students' perspectives across the Maple League campuses.  

Tiffany continues to conduct interviews on HIPs, analyzed qualitative data from the interviews and produced reports from the HIP findings. 

Tiffany also completed the first semester of an Open Educational Resource (OER) Fellowship with SPARC. Tiffany spent ~10 hours/week learning about OER implementation from initial campus conversations to multi-state OER repositories throughout the quarter. In the coming quarter, Tiffany will be completing her OER Capstone project with the Maple League and looks forward to creating pathways to making a Maple League education more affordable and suited to 21st-century students' needs.

Lauren Boultbee

Tiffany MacLennan


Rebecca Mesay

Rebecca is one of the newest additions to this year’s Maple League Fellows cohort but is a familiar face all the same, after her work in last year’s group. As the Maple League Post-Graduate Fellow in Governance, her role focuses on formalizing the Maple League Student Fellows Program and securing Maple League seats with the Canada Summer Jobs Program. In the last quarter, her work has focused on connecting with the other Maple League Fellows and creating the first parts of the strategic visioning document for the Maple League Fellows program. She is currently collaborating with Heather on the Canada Summer Jobs application for the Maple League of Universities.

Summer-Joy Upshaw

Since starting as the Post-Graduate Fellow in Retention, Summer’s work has consisted of catching up on relevant literature in efforts to better understand the overall initiative behind the research being conducted around retention within our institutions. 

Summer is a research assistant for the St. FX sector and has been tasked with conducting research on retention strategies at the institutional level. Thus far Summer has been conducting an environmental scan to get a better sense of the factors affecting retention and the ways in which those factors have been addressed (or not), and what the impact may or may not be on our institutions.

To carry on her work, Summer plans to meet with some retention champions to identify more ways in which we can help address retention within our campus communities, and uncover some of the less noticeable factors that may be coming into play that we may be overlooking as it pertains to retention.


Georges-Philippe Gadoury-Sansfaçon

As the Stephen A. Jarislowsky Research Fellow and a Maple League student fellow, Georges collaborated with the Athletic Directors of the Maple League institutions, and their communications teams, following his report on Maple League Student-Athletes Support Structures and Success (2020). Georges continued his work as part of the leading triumvirate for Bishop’s Online Learning and Technology Consultants program. His involvement as a Maple League fellow allows him to ongoingly apply his skills to foster change within and beyond his university, and after more than a year still growing his approach to learning and leadership.

Addy Strickland

Addy Strickland, a fourth year Development Studies student from StFX, began working for the Maple League as the Student Success and Leadership Fellow at the end of September 2020. Her biggest task this quarter has been providing guidance to those looking to apply for the 2021 3M National Student and Teaching Fellowships. This included revising the student, faculty, and nominator “How To” handbooks; participating in webinars; reformatting faculty dossiers for re-submit; and answering questions about the applications and overall experience. Addy was also excited to contribute to “Student Perspectives on the Return to Campus: A Maple League Students Op-ed,” which was published on the Maple League’s website in November. As well, one of the highlights of the quarter was taking part in the Canada Comeback Challenge alongside three other Maple League fellows. The team successfully completed the first round of the challenge on December 15th with two proposals: one concerning EDI in the online environment, and the other focused on tech and cybersecurity. They are looking forward to taking their proposals all the way to the end!

Brendan MacNeil

As the Maple League Student Fellow of Social Innovation, Brendan has been working on continuing to build The Path: Maple League Social Purpose Incubator. He attended a five day training bootcamp in October put on by Ash Maurya, founder of Lean Stack, on supporting and growing entrepreneurship which he will use to help train the incubator mentors and enhance the work he is doing. Brendan recruited multiple Alumni interested in mentoring student entrepreneurs, began engaging potential entrepreneurs in residence at Acadia interested in supporting student entrepreneurship, and has set up the Maple League Incubator as a mentor pairing option on 10k coffees, an alumni-student mentoring platform offered by two of our schools, Acadia and Bishops. 

Sally Cunningham

As the Tomlinson Intern – Maple League Student Fellow of Community Networks, Sally worked on several projects with the goal of increasing community across our four institutions. Following up with her work connecting researchers across the Maple League, this quarter Sally collected mid-term progress reports from funded projects and shared them as interview blog posts to the Maple League website. Sharing these nine projects across the Maple League channels helped to demonstrate the progress we are capable of as we work together, and our capacity for resilience through changing times. Sally is also publishing testimonies and blog posts highlighting the Communities of Practice across the four schools and will continue to roll these spotlights out in the New Year. Finally, Sally is part of the team participating in the Business and Higher Education Roundtable’s Canada Comeback Challenge, proposing ways to amplify equity, diversion, and inclusion in online learning as well as solutions for fears of cybersecurity in a digital learning environment.

Frédérique Larouche

As the Maple League Fellow for Digital Communications and Design, Frédérique collaborated with members of the team on various projects. Frédérique collaborated on the Student-Athlete project for which she created promotional flyers and videos. Moreover, she continued to collaborate with Dr. Riddell on various academic and leadership initiatives. Finally, Frédérique edited and posted the videos from the Better Together series, held by the Maple League Teaching and Learning Centre. She is continuously in discussions with the other fellows to assist in all of their graphic design needs.

Nathaniel Benjamin

Nathaniel is a 5th year student at Mount Allison University, studying Sociology. Nathaniel joined the team this quarter as a Maple League Student Fellow in Teaching, Learning & Athletics. He is working to amplify our work on teaching and learning for faculty, and on student success for student affairs teams.

Tanisha Campbell

Tanisha Campbell is working alongside Tiffany MacLennan on a High Impact Practice Spotlight Series. Through this series, Tanisha will be mobilizing knowledge around exceptional teaching practices happening by professors of the Maple League. Tanisha is working closely with Lara Hartman to mobilize Lara’s calls to action to decolonize higher education.

Lara Hartman

As the Indigenous Student Fellow focussed on reconciliation and decolonization, Lara Hartman was busy this past quarter planning for the next and hosting events. Lara hosted two major events for the Maple League this quarter: the Sisters in Spirit Vigil and Maple League Hosts: Truth, Reconciliation and Decolonizing Higher Education with Dr. Pamela Toulouse from Laurentian University. She has been working closely with Tanisha Campbell on communicating her Calls to Action to decolonize our four institutions. In the quarter ahead she is working on a few events that she is sorting out the logistics of now and looks forward to the possibilities of the time ahead. She is focussed on decolonizing the institutions and is dedicated to making the Maple League a safe and inviting place for all Indigenous Peoples who come to our campuses.

Maia Herriot, Student Fellow with the Maple League Teaching and Learning Committee

Rebecca Mesay, Maple League External Relations and Student Advocacy Fellow

Lauren Boultbee, Advancement and Communications Student Fellow with the Maple League and on the Stephen A. Jarislowsky Student Advisory Council