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QUEUC (Quebec Universities English Undergraduate Conference), founded in 2009, brings together faculty and students from English Departments across Canada. Since QUEUC 2014, our conference has become international, with students coming from across Canada, the US and Europe to participate as delegates and presenters.



  • To showcase undergraduate research

  • To provide students with early opportunities for academic professionalization

  • To extend learning outside the classroom in a stimulating, collaborative milieu

  • To foster a sense of academic community on our campus

  • To forge strong collaborative ties across provincial and national boundaries


​​The QUEUC organizing committee is divided into various sub-committees, from Communications to Travel and Accommodations. The organizing committee is student-run, and coordinated by a student. The Conference Coordinator is responsible for drafting and disseminating the call for papers in October, acting as a liaison with students and faculty from other universities, and overseeing every aspect of the conference (residence accommodations and travel, catering orders, room bookings, advertising and promotions, fundraising). The conference coordinator, manages the student volunteers and also chairs the editorial board for conference proceedings. The Conference Coordinator gains valuable skills in event planning, public speaking, facilitation, academic vetting, and a multitude of other skills, while also contributing to the tenets of a liberal education as mandated in the mission statement of Bishop’s University.


​​The selection process for papers is rigorous: the vetting committee (made up entirely of upper year undergraduate students) evaluates the proposed papers for the quality of critical thinking, analytical reasoning, structure, and innovation on topics spanning almost one thousand years of literature. The accepted papers represent the brightest and the best English literature students from our national academic community.

"A glimpse into the vetting process" blog post 


​​The conference is an incredible two-day event, usually held on a weekend between the final week of February and the third week of March. We welcome delegates from across the world Friday at noon and host panels on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. 


​We've hosted a number of amazing events for QUEUC, including a Shakespeare Authorship Trial, plenary speakers, Literary-themed Cranium nights, wine and cheese receptions, poetry slams, Edgar Allen Poe themed social booths, and much more! 

"Social Butterflies And Party Animals, It’s Your Time To Stand Out!" blog post


​​Since 2011 the student editorial board and Jessica Riddell selected the highest quality papers from QUEUC and published conference proceedings. This peer-reviewed publication offered students a unique opportunity to edit, revise, and publish undergraduate research papers. We run workshops and seek out mentoring from editors and publishers to help us develop and refine our skills in the world of academic publishing.

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