ENG 454 - Broadcast Journalism 


Be You @ BU

recruitment magazine


Testimonial from the 2018 Editors:

    When I had first heard about the position for Student Editor of Be You @ BU, I knew that it was an incredible opportunity I could not pass up. Having spent countless hours flipping through the pages of my own copy of the magazine, dreaming of the day I could finally attend Bishop’s, I couldn’t wait to inspire that same feeling of elation and anticipation in other future students. When I was selected for the position, I was so incredibly excited to get started. I had the opportunity to collaborate with, firstly, my amazing co-Editor, Emily-Rose Clark, and with Dr. Riddell and the Recruitment Team at Bishop’s, including Dan Seneker. Although the project was, at times, challenging (as is any project), there was a whole team of supportive people available to help throughout the entire process. 


    With the exception of the graphic design aspect, the Editor’s job is to compile and edit everything present within the magazine. This includes deciding the topics of each article that will be featured, finding individuals to compose said articles (and making sure that they follow through), selecting beautiful photographs to complement them (taken by Bishop’s very own student photographers, of course), organizing headshots, and finally, editing the magazine at large for spelling, grammar, and format. It’s a lot, but it’s all worth it when you see that gorgeous finished product. To see all of your months of hard work, paired with the spectacular graphics from the design team, laid out in front of you gives you an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. Knowing that our editorial work as undergraduate students will be seen by hundreds of prospective students and their families is an unrivaled achievement for me. The trust that Bishop’s puts in student voices, skills, and opinions is extraordinary. It says a lot about who we are as a university, and as a community. Bishop’s is definitely not all talk when it comes to valuing their students; they really put it into practice with this amazing, student-run magazine. 


Virginia Larose, Co-Editor, Be You @ BU 2017-2018